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Members & Friends of St. Ansgar's

Back when we were preparing for St. Ansgar's 75th Anniversary, a project was undertaken to take photos of all the members of the congregation. Photos were also taken of many who, while not members of St. Ansgar's, were counted among our dear friends and supporters. This process has continued and new photos are added regularly. (For those who are no longer with us in this life, consult the page Fondly Remembered.)

Photo by Jette Blair
Guests at 75th Anniversary Celebrations gather
to look at the photos of Members & Friends


Some members have elected not to have their photos on the Web. Most have elected to publish only their first names. Some have included short statements about themselves and their bond with St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church.

Photos are arranged below in four groups, to facilitate ease of access.

Group 1 Karen, Sabine, Peter, Louise (Rikke), Henny, Bjørg & Svend, June, Viola & Stanley, Jette & Tony, Martin & Carolyn & children, Weston & Betty, Dini, Krista, Cathy, Rosa, Ellen, Ellen, Rosetta, Rolph, Mary, Inge, Heekyoung & Jayce & daughter; Georgette & Ann Christine
Group 2 Reverend Phil Heinz, Nancy, Mrs. Holobow, Inger, Teressa & Shawn & baby, Kirsten & Eigil, Ann & Bob, Ole & Birthe, Marsha & daughter, Britta & Simon & children, Anne & Nicolas, Sheryl & Roger, Tannissa & Daughter, Thomas & Anna, Pastor Samuel & Susan, Samirah, Sheena & Jonathan, Sasha & Chloe & son, Eric, Victor & Sue, Henrik
Group 3 Karen & Glenn & children and Jenelle, Janet, Betty & Flemming, Elcira, Kirsten & Eric & son, Ketty & Jørgen, Olive, Maren & Steven & children, Hyacinth & Othniel, Amy, Olive, Matilda, Birgit, Janet & Peter, Jean & Paul, Knud, Pastor Kylliki Pitts, Manfred
Group 4 Ulrike & Georg & children, Madelene, Julia, David & Suzannah, Shobana & Paulraj & children, Sylvia, Mikkel & Signe & children, Massiah, Lindsay & Lucasz, Linda, Didérot, Pastor Matti Terho, Elaine, Margot & Elizabeth, Phillip, Shirley, Pastor Thom Zumbrock

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