Saint Ansgar's Lutheran Church
Montreal - Quebec - Canada

What is a Christian?

Christians are not necessarily better people than others.
They certainly do not walk without sin.
They are not magically protected from life's ill winds

But they are comforted. They are never alone.
They know that they walk with Christ, as friend and brother.
They know that God will never test them with more than they can handle.
They know that as they work hard to do the possible, God will intervene to do the impossible.

They know they are called upon to forgive others' transgressions in the same way as God, through Christ, has forgiven theirs. This is a lifelong struggle, but they work hard at it, with God's help.
They know they are called upon to forgive their enemies and to turn the other cheek. This, too, is a lifelong struggle.
But Christians know that even if they fail to live up to God's expectations, though trying, God will still love them and forgive them, as a parents always love and always strive to forgive their children.

For Christians know that they have been adopted, through Christ, a members of his flock and children of God.

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